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 Become an Etiquette Consultant

Could You Be an Etiquette Consultant?


An etiquette consultant is someone who teaches manners to other people.  Now while this may seem like a task for dear old mom, the truth is, etiquette consultants are in BIG demand these days, making etiquette consulting one of the hottest careers out there right now.




When mothers migrated to the work force en mass in the early 1970’s, it left very little quality time with the kids.  Family dinners soon gave way to fast food dinners, and meals that were eaten together around a table were replaced by meals eaten in the car en route to the next stop on a demanding schedule.


By the 1990’s, technology also began to chip away at the manners once so important to our grandmothers.  Phone calls and emails have replaced invitations and letters, and with everyone always in a rush, the niceties like “please” and “thank you” have become endangered species.


Yet good manners never go out of style, particularly among the elite.  So the higher people climb on the social and business ladders, the more polished they need to become.  And the more they interact with other cultures, the more they realize that while everyone may not speak the same language, good manners translate well world-wide.


Enter:  the etiquette consultant.


Etiquette consultants perform a variety of training tasks, working with children, individuals, and corporations.  You can choose to work at all levels, or concentrate on a particular area of interest.


Here are some examples of what an etiquette consultant teaches:


Business Etiquette


Teach people how to behave in business settings, including how to shake hands, make introductions, conduct meetings, handle emails, and properly give gifts.  Classes or session can be given for individuals or corporations.


Children’s Etiquette


Teach children how to use their manners when eating, speaking to adults, talking on the phone, or writing thank you notes.  Lessons can be geared to specific age groups, preschoolers through high school students.


Communication Etiquette


Teach individuals or corporations how to speak on the phone, handle emails, write thank you notes, make introductions, and make small talk. 


Dining Etiquette


Show people in a hands-on environment which fork to use, how to use a knife, how to hold a wine glass, how to convey your eating status to the wait staff, etc.  This is one of the most popular services provided by etiquette consultants.


International Etiquette (or international protocol)


Teach people how to behave appropriately when visiting or conducting business in foreign countries, including the importance of status and the proper forms of address, what to wear, how to make introductions and how to give gifts.


Social Etiquette


Show people how to behave properly in social settings, including how to make introductions, be a good host, be a polite guest, give toasts, and how to send or respond to invitations.


Wedding Etiquette


Teach people how to behave properly at weddings, including how to dance, give toasts, extend invitations, arrange seating, and the like.


As you can see, the opportunities are wide open as an etiquette consultant.  Use a little imagination, and start booking your time.


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